Motorsport Alignment

Wheel Alignment is important for motorsport driving for maximum handling. Too many people spend 100s and some 1000s of £££s on up rated suspension but end up having the wrong set up for the car and the driver.

Most tyre places don't have the equipment to carry out a full wheel alignment check or the knowledge to adjust aftermarket toe, camber and caster adjusters.

You can be amazed at the difference you can feel in your car once a good full  

4 wheel alignment has been done.

Fcm Wheel Alignment cover standard road cars to your full race car and drift cars.

At Fcm I always make sure the car is set up to the way you use your car taking in to account of mileage and how many track days or races and tyre wear life expectancy.

There are a number of different settings that can be used for your car such as-

  • manufacturers spec (standard)

  • fast road (improved handling with limited tyre wear)

  • track specs (improved handling with very little road)

  • race specs (max handling with no road mileage)

  • semi drift spec (used for drifting and road mileage)

  • drift spec (drifting with no or very little road mileage)